The Dazzling Charm of Gems, and Why Now is Their Time to Shine

by TerraGems

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All over the world there are precious, gleaming treasures hidden deep in the earth, waiting to be discovered and cherished. Formed over millennia by unimaginable heat and pressure as the earth’s crust slowly flexes and strains, these exquisite gems materialise in a dazzling array of colours, patterns and textures. 

Since the first human spotted an enticing glint of colour peeking out of the ground, gemstones have intrigued and fascinated us. It’s a primordial, instinctive attraction. Gems naturally draw the human eye and enchant us—we have an in-built attraction to their beauty. 

Despite inhabiting a planet made of rocks, humans form strong emotional bonds with tiny nuggets of unusual stone that feel special to them or remind them of a moment, a place, a person or a feeling. From a very young age, children pick up interesting rocks and keep them—they already appreciate the elemental value of one unique stone out of billions.

Why You Need More Gems in Your Life

Being durable, permanent and limited in supply makes gems the ideal item for collecting and cherishing forever. As the years pass, they accumulate value—both monetary and sentimental—making them the perfect heirloom to be handed down through generations. And for the same reasons they make such great gifts. 

The huge variety in colours, patterns and origins also means that you can select a stone that has a particular meaning to the wearer—for example gifting a shimmering piece of aquamarine to a lover of the sea, or selecting an emerald for a nature fanatic. The power of a beautiful gem is not to be underestimated—they can trigger memories, and inspire strong emotions in both the wearer and the admirer.

Natural gemstones come from every corner of the world, so whether you choose a zircon from Cambodia, an Indian moonstone, or a Tanzanian sapphire, their exotic geographic origins add an extra layer of enchantment.

A Thoughtful Setting for a Special Stone 

When set in silver or gold in an elegant piece of jewellery, the brilliance and form of a gem is enhanced. Setting the stone allows light to pass through it and makes it sparkle with your every movement. It also displays the full shape of the gem, and is the ideal way to share its beauty with those around you (and show off a little, of course!). 

Unlike fashion jewellery, gem jewellery keeps its value, making it an ideal store of wealth for the future. Natural gems are rare, and can last forever. Neither do they go out of style, like so much ‘fast-fashion’ these days. You can trust us on that one—gemstones have been valued by humans for at least the last 25,000 years! 

An opulent gem set in a beautiful necklace, ring or pair of earrings is the perfect way to enhance your own natural beauty. By matching a stone to the colour of your outfit, you’re sure to feel special and light up the eyes of those around you. 

Here are some of our favourite gem pieces perfect for anytime or anywhere! (Tap the images to view)

What gemstone do you like most and what makes it a keeper? Share your thoughts below :)

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