We offer a mix of few-of-a-kind and staple natural gemstone jewellery curated or handmade locally set in 14K gold plated (electroplated) or 14K gold dipped 925 sterling silver and loose natural gemstones.
No. Our trusted jewellery artisans are outsourced and that makes it a challenge to commit to demanding timeframes.
Yes and no. All our gemstones are natural. They are listed as what it is and not as something else which means they are genuine. Not all gemstones are untreated as it is necessary for most to achieve its colour (e.g Blue topaz: Irradiation)
All jewellery includes a velvet box and as for gemstones, a thick plastic pouch shamelessly wrapped in a recycled packaging materials. The real treat is what’s inside. You may also request for a signature TerraGems jewellery pouch, gift box or no packaging at all. 
No. All transactions are done online. The pieces are described in as much detail as needed to secure your online shopping needs. Your transactions are also covered by the return policy.
Resizing service is up to ₱200 which you can just add to your cart. The price and availability is subject to change depending on the style of the ring. Lead time is 1-3 working days. You may also request for a free ring snuggie. 
We do not offer shopping services. We only offer gemstones and ready-made gemstone jewellery that are available on hand.
No, we don’t. Most of the items that we have especially jewelry are acquired and curated per piece and not available to be bought in numbers.
Silver will tarnish in time depending on care and the skin’s acidity but can be restored back to its shiny appearance through polishing. For tips on caring for your jewellery, you can check the Jewellery Care Page.