5 Gemstones for Summer You’d Want to Flaunt All Day

Summer’s here -- hot season that is!

As community quarantine measures gradually ease, we can’t help but think of our summer getaway plans. We have palm trees, cold drinks, sun and sand on our minds, and our summer #ootd to complete the tropical vibe. 

If you want to brighten up your day further, wearing gemstones for summer can do the trick! Discover five gorgeous gems perfect for flaunting on the coming sunny days to complete your summer aesthetics.

Wear these five beautiful gems on your next vacation to remember your summer by!


Aquamarine’s blue hue resembles the colour of the sea, making it the perfect representation of refreshing waters and the delicate ocean breeze. It’s no longer surprising why it’s dubbed as the mermaid stone. Its peaceful, calming vibe can instantly give you that gentle floating feeling – as if the sea’s natural rhythm is carrying you. 

Wear this serene gemstone around your finger to savour that relaxing, incredible vibration. Check out our aquamarine rings that would make fantastic options.


Opal is said to act as an emotional stabiliser  It has a subtle vibrational energy that is believed to boost your confidence in your own skin. 

Wearing a piece of opal jewelry near your heart like a pendant or necklace can make you feel free and light – feelings typically associated with summertime when people enjoy their vacation. Just be careful not to expose it to extreme temperatures to maintain its top-shape quality.

If you’re looking for something nice to wear on your next beach trip, our opal pieces are highly recommended. It’s simple yet beautiful, easy to wear, and very versatile!

Blue Zircon

Like the Aquamarine stone, the blue hue of zircon can instantly remind you of the calm waters of the sea and the clear blue sky during summer. This powerful gemstone is perfect for boosting your restful summer break.

Wearing a piece of zircon jewellery can up your summer look and positive vibrations. Flaunt it on the beach or a weekend getaway with family or friends!


Pearls are the gem of icons, such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. There’s no doubt why they are an icon’s favorite because pearls display an effortless yet timeless style. 

Often, they are associated with beachside luxury as you can harvest them from clams. And since you can wear pearls easily both day and night, it means you can look fab and glamorous even by the beach, no matter the occasion!

If you’re looking to up your selfie game, you can wear a simple yet stunning piece that accentuates your look with our pearl pieces.


Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the stone of universal love, making it an excellent summer staple. If you want to exude that self-love energy, rose quartz is your best bet. The great news is that rose quartz looks *pretty* no matter where it's placed – be it on a ring, necklace, bangle, or bracelet! 

But if you’re seriously considering a piece of jewellery that will go perfectly with any outfit, our rose quartz selection is a wise choice. Wear it with your pastel or floral bikini or dress for that soft summer look!

Summer is many people’s favorite season of the year. This is a time when we create lovely memories with the people dearest to us, and sometimes, even strangers! 

These gemstones for summer are easy to find and mix and match with your tropical #ootd. If you’re looking for more options, explore more of our gorgeous gem pieces!

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