Finding the Right Earrings for Different Face Shapes

Are you still figuring out how to find the best earrings for different face shapes? If your answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place! Read on as we give you tips on getting the right pair that will flatter your facial features.

Here’s a quick guide for choosing a flattering pair of earrings based on your face shape.


Face Shape: Round

Round faces have a circular form. It is characterized by fullness below the cheekbones and a broad hairline. The jaws of round-shaped faces are also less defined than a square-shaped face.

The perfect earrings: For those with round faces, elongating your facial silhouette is key to complementing your features.  Avoid hoops, button studs, and circular earrings as they will make your face look rounder. 

Instead, go for long, dangling styles to establish a length illusion to help elongate your face. 


Face Shape: Oval

The oval face shape is considered the most attractive for its balanced proportion. It is easier to style, too, which means you can pull off just about any hairstyle and earrings!

The perfect earrings: While you can wear any pair for this face shape, studs and triangular earrings will flatter oval faces best. 


Face Shape: Square

Square-faced shapes feature a forehead, jaw, and cheekbones of almost a similar width. They appear like round faces; only square faces have more pronounced and wide jawlines and minimal curves.

The perfect earrings: Medium-length earrings and hoops look wonderful for square-shaped faces. Earrings with rounded edges are also ideal as they can help your facial angles look much softer. 


Face Shape: Heart

Heart-shaped faces are longer than it is wide. Their forehead is broader, and their temples protrude out. This face shape also has narrower cheekbones, and their chin is visibly pointed. 

The perfect earrings: Wearing teardrop or chandelier earrings will help counterbalance your pointed chin. Earrings with a broader bottom will also help fill your face’s lower portion, giving it a more balanced look. 


Face Shape: Diamond

Diamond-shaped faces are also longer than they are wider, like heart-shaped faces. Their jawlines are long and narrow, cheeks are pointed and high, and chin is noticeably pointed.

The perfect earrings: Choosing a pair of earrings for diamond-shaped faces can get a bit tricky as it’s more challenging to balance their facial angles. Studs worn closely to the ear and chandelier earrings with wider bottoms look flattering for this face shape.

Choosing flattering earrings for different face shapes doesn’t have to be a tedious task – it’s supposed to be fun! Keep these tips in mind when looking for a pair (or two) to add to your jewelry collection, and flaunt those flattering earrings that perfectly match your face shape! Discover more earrings here.

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