Mix and Match These Fantastic Gemstones

Do you want to mix and match your gemstone pieces but don’t know where to start? Read this practical guide to create a unique and astonishing look.

How to style them together

Mix metals

Gone are the days when mixing metals was frowned upon. Today, you can mix silver with gold and gemstone jewelry. Create your signature style by combining pieces of jewelry regardless of the metal or crystals they’re made of.

Try layering

Experiment with different lengths of necklaces. If you have short, medium, and long necklaces, you can layer them to create a pulled-together and unique look. You can also stack your arm candies for a merrier style.

Create balance

By mixing varying colors, shapes, and sizes, you can pull off a distinctive balanced look. Feel free to flaunt a large statement necklace and balance it out with a smaller jewelry piece like a pair of dainty earrings.

Add some color

Don’t hesitate to add some pop of color by combining silver or gold jewelry with a piece of shimmering gemstone. Incorporating some color can make your overall look more fun.

Mixing and Matching Gemstones

Now that you know how to style your gemstone pieces, it’s time to discover the best gemstone combinations. Here are some tips on how to combine them by color, properties, and stone groups.


When choosing gemstone pieces to mix and match, look for colors that will harmonize well. A color wheel is your friend. Take a look at these helpful suggestions for combining gemstones based on color:

  • Combine white and transparent gems with any other colors.
  • Avoid combining red stones with other coloured crystals.
  • Pastel-coloured crystals will be less attractive when combined with other rich colours.

Stones Group

You can also mix and match gemstone pieces based on their stones group. Stones from the Garnet group including pyrope and rhodolite will combine well with each other. Similarly, stones in the Quartz group like citrine and amethyst commonly complement and work nicely together.

Mixing and matching gemstone pieces can be fun! With a little guide, you can create your own unique style and maximise their beauty. Check out our pieces and mix and match them according to your style!

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