What You Should Know Before Taking a Shower with Your Jewellery On

We often forget to take off our jewellery whenever we’re about to hit the shower. Well, that’s just how much we love wearing them, right? But did you know that water and chemicals from soap can actually affect the quality of your jewellery? Of course, not all jewellery pieces react to water in the same way, so it’s important to understand how each one will be affected by water and soap before buying. Let’s learn more about how they react to water and soap along with how best to care for them as part of your daily routine.

How Soap Affects Lustre

Gemstones are vulnerable to a number of damaging factors. Among these include: soap leaving slight residue until they are completely rinsed off.  When a chemical or solvent is used on a gemstone, it can cause an alteration in its composition or even damage its surface. This is why most jewelers recommend that you clean your jewelry with warm water only, rather than chemicals or alcohol. The problem with soaps is that they can leave behind a residue of chemicals when you use them, and many times these chemicals are damaging to gemstones. The best thing to do is to make sure that your jewellery is not left with residue from any cleaning products including soaps. This will reduce risk of damage significantly.

What Causes Silver to Tarnish

Silver tarnish  appears as black spots on silver surfaces. It results from the oxidation of silver when it comes into contact with other elements, such as sulfur or oxygen in the air, which turn it black and give it a dull appearance. That’s why wearing your jewelry while soaking wet in steam saunas or showers is a big no-no! 

So as you see cleaning your jewelry might seem like a simple task, but it is actually an important step in preventing dirt and debris build-up that can dull your jewelry over time. Lastly, for much needed tips on how to safely clean your favourite gems, head on to our Jewellery Care Page.

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