11.11 SALE FAQ


Q: Which products are qualified for the discount?


A: All products under “11.11 SALE”


Q: Can I still add products that are not part of the 11.11 Sale and get the discount?


A: If the cart has multiple products in, the discount code will only apply to the product that qualifies for the discount. 


Q: Can I checkout two products with different discounts? (E.g Earrings for 20% off and a ring for 30%) 


A: You will be needing to check them out separately so you can use the discount code. There will be no extra cost as the shipping is still FREE.


Q: There’s only one stock for the item, what would should I expect when completing the order?


A. The first one to complete the transaction would be the one who will complete the order.  The other orders processed after this will get an error that the product is out of stock.