Gemstone Buying Guide


  1. Set a budget and stick to it

  1. Do research, compare prices and ask relevant questions to an expert or the seller.

  1. Remember that color is the number one factor affecting value for gemstones next to origin

  1. Always check for treatments (especially for ruby and sapphire) as well as if they are natural or man-made. This affects the value and care requirements of the stone.

  1. It is possible to notice inclusions in gems as this is nature’s way of saying that they are natural.

  1. Lifestyle should be taken into consideration when. For example, it’s advisable to pick a bezel setting for a fluorite ring if you have an active lifestyle. Its hardness is just 4 and may be prone to damage.

  1. Some gems would include a certificate and 

it is important to note that not all certificates are created equal so always check the credentials of the lab. Think twice on certificates coming from private labs.